WV Logistics does engineering studies and develops implementation plans for port terminals and port retro areas. WV Logistics also does studies to optimise existing facilities or to plan capacity expansion. 

In recent years, WV has completed detailed engineering for the main ports used in the stocking of bulk minerals. This includes studies at Itaqui, Pecém, Vila do Conde, Ilhéus, Itaguaí, Tubarão, among others for commodities such as iron ore, bauxite and manganese.


WV Logistics has a long successful history implementing Brazilian railroad projects, from conceptual studies to detailed engineering of a railroads, some of which are under construction today. 

Projects are typically concerned with mineral and agricultural commodities where operational capacity and costs involved in transport and port handling are critical factors for economic feasibility and market competitiveness.


WV Logistics does operational and commercial studies to help determine the operational expense of logistics as part of the whole mineral cost to delivery.  Projects are based across current exploration and development projects by potential investors as well as operating businesses looking to expand existing production capacity. Studies consider historical price variations of commodities and our work has including investigations based on Platts index, Baltic Index and others. 

Numerous studies have been developed across a wide range of Brazilian states. These include Pará, Amapá, Bahia e Minas Gerais, with engineering services for the construction of mines, railroads and port terminals.  We deliver software simulation of the railroad composition and options to support the definition of transport cycles and rolling stock, as well as field visits to help elaborate Capex and Opex of the logistics system in detail.

In 2017 WV became a member of the Advisory Council of the Associação Brasileira das Empresas de Pesquisa Mineral (ABEPM - the Brazilian Association of Mining Companies).

In 2016, during a dispute in the London Arbitration Commercial Court,  WV was asked by one disputing shareholder of a Brazilian mining company to do a study of the operational capacity and commercial details of the road logistics, intermodal terminal, railroad and port terminal.  The study delivered an economic valuation of the commodity delivered CIF China ports, based on the previous 10 year historic performance of the commodity and sea freight.